Sunday, April 22, 2007

weekend update

Every time I write "weekend update" I think about Jimmy Fallon, and his missing presence on SNL. Why do people do stop a good thing.


Today as great overall. We were able to show a couple videos. One was about the "Preach from Boats" sermon, and ending reminesecnt of Mr. Miagi from the Karate Kid... I will get the video up tomorrow evening hopefully.

The highlight of the service was showing Paul and Sandy May's testimonial. I will try to post it as well tomorrow.

They shared a protion of their heart, and what God has done for them in the last year. They were in the throws of a divorce, depression and big struggle in life in general. They got a flier pointing them to a Super Saturday in the park, and the rest they say is history. (I will lt you watch the video for the whole story).

Not sure about attendance yet, but good for a beautiful Sunday. We had lots of new moms home and some sick families, but it was great to see our awesome church family today.

I am excited about the future of the Buzz, and the band is really becoming a tight group. Jeff is now singing and really sounding great. Are they not doing a great job? Didn't how to say a life sound fantastic?

I am just so pumped about our direction, and overall feel.

We have several new videos to shoot, and families that are jumping at the chance to be vulnerable in front of the church body so that they an be an encouragement!

I love to see the church grow and move as a body.

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amain said...

I just have to say that, hands down, this week was the BEST Buzz to date! (If Gordo had been in it, it would have been OVER THE TOP!!!) And this weeks sermon was one of the best. It really put into perspective why it is GREAT that we meet in a movie theater, etc. Our church family means so much to our family, but seeing lives changed inspires me, and encourages me.