Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Weekend update

Just thought I would take a minute and recap the weekend. We had 54 in service on Sunday and wouldn't you say the band did awesome? I spoke on the third part of a Revolution, "Commitment." It takes money to fund a Revolution of life but what we found out is that the giving doesn't take money from us it actually increases the blessing from God.

You see giving isn't really a money issue, it is a trust issue. I know from personal experience that I have tried most of the time to "handle" our finances when all along God has been saying, "Why don't you trust me with your finances?"

God's blessing abound when we "test Him" in giving. It is the only thing God has ever asked people to test Him in. I love trusting God.

Sow a seed, reap a harvest, reap a harvest change the world...

Saturday, January 28, 2006

My grandma

My grandmas surgery was quite a success. The doctor is confident that he got all the colon cancer, but they did find cancer in some other tissue. She starts chemo in a few weeks.


Wow what a whirlwind of the last couple weeks. I am getting ready to lead a team to Bolivia next Saturday. I am pumped. We will be building an orphanage in Cochabamba! I cant wait.

Pray that all goes well! There are still a few last minute details that need to come together, but we are in good shape.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Godcasting and Fox news

Check out this link to the video spot that Fox did on NCC in DC. Amazing.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Grandma

Her surgery went well today. They ended up taking half her colon. The doc feels really confident that he got it all. They took some biopsies of other tissue to make sure it isn't any where else. We will get the pathology report on Monday. Thanks for praying.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I have been at Panera now for a couple hours. We live in Central Iowa, right? And this is the place of no accents. News reporters speak like Mid Westerners. So it is nice and funny to hear some southern accents flying around my "office" this morning.

There is woman in a booth next to me that keeps referring to her caawfee, and this at thaat. (say that with two syllables and you got it.)

It is admittedly refreshing to hear. I have worked hard to correct my grammar and lose the "accent" that I have had in the past. Occasionally it will still come out. But not as often any more.

Weekend update

Welcome to weekend update.

This weekend we had a great service. If you missed it, hopefully we can have the sermon uploaded to our sight soon. I am dealing with someone now who can make that happen for us. We had 49 people this weekend and everyone really seemed to engage well.

We spoke on having a changed life from the book of Philemon.

The first step in having a changed life is to Face your problems don't deny them. It is vitally important to not run from your issues. Like Onesimus, who in light of death, faced his master whom he stole from. It is paramount in the life of a Christ Follower to deal straight on with the issue.

Second, we all need to not Focus on what once was but focus on what is to be. We each need a "pote denuni" experience. That is the Greek from where we get the phrase "formerly, but now" in Philemon 11. God doesn't live in our past so why should we. Once we yield ourselves to Christ, the past is over. He wipes it all clean and we get a fresh start.

Well, that's weekend update. I'm Tina Fey, and I'm Jimmy Fallon hoping you have great tomorrow...


I have really been thinking about "blessing" lately. Not the noun that we so commonly refer to as "I want a blessing." "That was such a blessing." "It would be a blessing if ..." No I have really been thinking about the verb blessing. The act of blessing. Bless in one form or another occurs 463 times in the Bible. It really means to speak to someome as you envision God's plan for them as you touch them if possible.

It happened over and over in the OT. Everyone was seeking a blessing from their authority. I firmly believe that there is power in words. Words can make or break a person. I have seen kids crushed by hurtful words, and others blossom when someone speaks affirmation into their lives.

One of the most destructive things that can happen in a childs life is to be rejected by their father. On the other hand one of the most powerful thing in someones life is to be blessed continually by their parents.

The very same principle applies to everyone's life. We need to be speaking blessings not cursings to those around us. We need to be praying blessing in the lives of our family and friends. We need to live in the blessing of God.

There are many types of blessing, or prayers of blessing. I think each has a powerful place in the life of a believer. One of my favorite prayers of blessings to pray, is to pray for a couples' unborn children. I think it is great to prayer that their children will be strong, healthy, and annointed of God to be successful in life and in the call of God.

We can pray blessing financially, emotionally, physically. I am not a guy that lives with his head in the sand, to say that nothing bad every happens in the life of a believer. So I am not saying that your faith isnt enough if you have trouble, I am saying though that their is power in what we say. And a prayer of blessing and words of blessing can change not only your life, but the lives of those around you.

So be blessed, prosper, and live healthy. Live in the divine destiny that God has created for you. He has plan custom fit for your life. So rest in His blessing.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Just thought a quick update was in order. We passed out somewhere in the neighborhood of 1200 or so invite cards. We wanted to get some more out, but ran out of time and bodies. These cards have been a great marketing tool for our church. We have had about a 5% return rate. That is pretty crazy in the marketing world.

As a side note, if you would like to pass some out we have plenty at the church office. (now a corner in my bedroom) I also have maps all ready to go if there is anyone interested in getting a little exercise.

We might try to do some next saturday if anyone is interested.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Colin vs Dad

Well last night was very interesting. I normally get up with the kids when they cry, but Dara got up when Colin started crying last night around 2. She got him some juice, and changed him. It seems like she got him all tucked in again, but by the time she got back to our room he was screaming.

All babies go through some of that, so I said just let him cry a bit and figured he will go back to sleep. He didn't. He woke Awnna up, and she was telling him loudly to go back to sleep and stop screaming. That didn't help at all.

Dad to the rescue. I went in and decided that Colin was really just throwing a fit. I tried several ways to get him back to sleep, but every time you'd lay him down, when I would walk away he would cry. If I stood there he would make a "mad face" and watch me silently out of the corner of his eye.

We have been watching these parenting DVD's by this minister who has a great outlook on raising children. The number one thing in dealing with kids is that the parent has to win. Once you start letting the kids get one over on you, watch out. So even when I didn't really want to even battle at now 2.30 or 3.00, I decided I was going to win. I sent Awnna to bed in my room. I then grabbed a blanket and a pillow so I "camp out" on the floor. (Awnna's bed is a loft, and it is funny to see me up in it. I didnt' want to deal with him from up there)

So after a few more battles, he finally understood he couldn't kick and scream, and he calmly with no tears fell asleep. I in turn slept on the floor for a while, but it was worth it to know he now understands more than ever that Dad is the final authority.

How much better would our lives be if we just let Jesus be the final authority. It is hard sometimes to just give in, though isn't it. Why are we like that? It is tough to ask for help, hard to admit when we are wrong, and difficult to just say, "OK God, I can't do this myself." But for things to be different, we have to.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Truck Update

Just thought I would bring you up to speed on our truck. The first estimate was 8500 with a new engine. Out truck wasn't worth that so I opted for a new "used" engine. I found one for 1900 plus install and thought it was the deal. After further inspection the guy I bought it from wasn't happy with it after he pulled it, and then didn't sell it to me.

I was a little put out about that at first because I was really anxious to get the truck going again. But we found another "new, used" engine today that really is great. It was a remanufactured one that just was put into a truck and then the truck rolled or something and it looks as if we are the proud new owners of a great engine. Much better than the one we had previously purchased. Funny how God works, huh?

Kirby Vaccuum salesman

Had an interesting thing happen yesterday. A very nice guy came to our house and tried to sell me a Kirby. He did a great demo and cleaned our stairs and Awnna and Colin's room. It really needed it bad!

Well, he was a very good salemans and did a great job on selling me the Kirby idea, but i just couldnt bite the money we has try to give me. I felt bad for him, but I have learned that impulse buying isn't very good for our family!

I will probably buy a Kirby someday, but I am not much of retail guy, and that makes me a hard sell for a door to door salemen.

One thing I found pretty interesting is that he said door to door sales are up do to the no call lists... Things that make you go hmmmm.

So be expecting your door bell if you have signed the no call registry.

Organic Church

Ok I am reading 3 books right now. Revolution by Barna, Blue like Jazz by Miller, and Organic Church by Neil Cole. All three are great. I started OC last night and I couldn't hardly stop. I need to finish all three before our new series starts!

I have to give you a quote from the forward by Leonard Sweet. He is setting things up by telling a story of minister walking down the street and a couple boys with a messed up bike yell and say, "Can you stop being a minister long enough to help us." The minister gladly helps and is awestruck.

Cole goes on to say that "If you want to win this world to Christ, then you are going to have to sit in the smoking section."

I am convinced that as Christ followers we have too often reclused to our little sanctuaries to just sing "Bind us Together." When the Great Commission is really about connecting with people outside of Sunday Morning in a life impacting way for the Christ follower and the seeker.

So as I reflect over my year last year and what I want to accomplish this year, my heart is broken. Because I know the past is gone and I have had missed opportunities to be "Jesus with skin" on to a lot of people. I am ready to start a Revolution. I know that comes with heartache, work, and rejection by many in the religious realm.

But as I look at Jesus, the ultimate revolutionary, he made all the religious people of his day upset. So much they killed him, but he started something that cant be reversed, even 2000 years later.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I am researching our new sermon series this week that begins on January 15th. It is simply called Revolution. Mark Main gave me a great book that goes right along with what we are trying to accomplish, Revolution by George Barna. I would encourage any one to read this book. You might hear some overlap with the sermon if you do, though! :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christian School

Just a quick note to see what everyone thinks about Christian school here in the metro. My littel girl is currently enrolled at Iowa Christian Academy. We have a few concerns, and are looking to possibly make a switch to Des Moines Christian. I am not sure if we are switching mid year, or waiting until next year or not doing anything. I plan to talk with both administrations this week.

The question I am pondering is what really went down with the two schools. I wasn't in Iowa at the time and am wondering what the truth is about the situation. Also what are your thoughts on switching mid year?