Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mens Fraternity

Clint Prohaska came to me about a month ago with a desire to help me really become men. He wanted to know if I was open to the idea of starting a men's group for growth, fellowship and accountability.

I told him no. J/K! I had actually been praying to someone would want to lead something like that! Perfect!

Well we have put our heads together and decided that we are going to link up with Point of Grace church in Waukee. They are launching a new Ministry called Men's Fraternity.

It is still in the launch phase and we are getting more info weekly about it. It is off the hook. I am so impressed. Here is the break down.

It is based on the thought that we are to be "authentic Men" like Jesus.

And "authentic man"
1. Resist Passivity
2. Accepts responsibility for God's work, will and woman
3. Leads Courageously
4. Expects God's greater reward.

This all sounds so simple, but most men aren't doing it! Not only is that what women really want us to be and do, they Bible teaches us to live this way.

Too often men have just sat back and not taken an active role in the family, finances, and romance of life. All this needs to change to a Biblical perspective!

Be watching men for the Mens Fraternity coming soon to JCFC. Your going to want to be a part!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Todays a good day

Just some perspective that everyday is a good day. I know we all face times that are difficult and bleak, but God created the day and He created it good.

So just take a moment and remember that it is ok.

I have been thinking about a lot of things lately. Stream lining, and changing, ad doing. I just want to make sure my priorities are right and aligned with what God wants.

Some times I find myself like Paul, when he said, "the things I want to do I dont do, and the things i don't want to do, I do."

I am praying thought, that with God's help, I can do the things he wants me to do.

I am taking a couple day break next week, for a short mini vacation with Dara. It is our anniversary next Tuesday. 9 Years!

It will be good to take a couple days and regroup. I am in the process of laying out some clear goals for the church over the next 5 years, and back them down to bite siz steps.

Things like how do we grow to 200 by Christmas? When do we purchase land, and look at a building project? What about staffing as we grow? Are the flt needs of the congregation being met? Are the needs of this community being met? What are the needs of this community?

The big questions are, are we staying missional, or have we slipped into maintenance mode?

How do we learn to serve, how do we model servanthood to others?

This weekend we are looking at John 13 where Jesus washes the feet of the disciples. He portrayed true servant leadership. Looking at Jesus example, begs the question, "why do we lead?" Why do you want to be in front? Why do I do what I do? Why do you?

Is it for a title? Is it for recognition? Is it some pride based thoughts? Or are we learning to follow the example of Jesus Christ?

So I have a lot on my mind. I didnt mean to get that deep!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Just wanted to update everyone for a quick minute. I am in Austin with a group of church planters, so I will be away from the blogosphere until Saturday. I am with some great guys, and soaking up a bunch!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lunch with Joel

Getting ready to meet Joel Asmus for lunch in just a few minutes. Joel is one of those guys you can always count on. He is never late, and always gets the job done.

He has been with us since the beginning and filled several ministry roles. Right now he works with sound and technology faithfully on Sundays.

He really is a great guy. He got married a few months back, and that has taken him out of our lives a bit. (I dont know maybe he would rather spend time with his wife, than me... :)

So I am stoked to be having lunch with my friend Joel. You couldnt meet a nicer guy!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Update

Well we finished another great weekend at JCFC.

Lots of work, set up tear down, changes, a couple good videos about moms, some tears, and some laughter. We continued in our 10 commandments series, which has been fun.

I totally ran out of time looking at Mark 11 where Jesus cursed the fig tree, and drove out the money changers from the temple. It is a great story. Actually it was like a living parable that Jesus was teaching the disciples over a 3 day event.

The story sounds harsh, when we see Jesus cursing a tree and it dying, then overturning tables ad running out the merchants. The teaching really lies in the fact that prayer is the essential root issue in both stories, or the lack of it anyway.

The fig tree with leaves and no fruit represents believers who appear to be believers but have no evidence of the fruit in their life. As the temple looks like a temple, but has no prayer in it. If you have prayerless believers you will have a prayerless church.

I challenged everyone yesterday to begin to pray for our city, to join up with the other prayer partners we have and lets go wide and deep together.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hanging out at Wells

This weekend we completed sermon number 4 in the 10 commandment series. Hanging out at Wells was something Jesus did on a regular basis.

I think it is paramount for believers to have lots of friends who are not part of the church. It is funny to me especially when a pastor only has friends with in the church body. We see Jesus with other believers yes, but often he was found with those who wasn't following him.

Today we should be living the same principles. It is crucial that we are building relationships with the people we come in contact with in our life. It is about helping people move closer to God.

Jesus' last command was to tell others about Him. I love the fact that the Bible teaches us to be with people. I hate hearing about this communal kind of thing happening, where people hole up in the mountains and never impact society.

I pray that as I move closer to God, I can be helpful in moving others closer to Him as well. I love the spiritual journey God has us on. I am growing in Him regularly as many in our church are too.

I love hearing the stories of those who have taken faith steps in Him. Who have decided that no matter what they would center their life on Jesus. I know that it is still difficult, and believers have issues, but I am so thankful for grace.

Grace. So simple, yet so often overlooked. It means that we are no longer condemned. (Romans 8:1)

Grace. Forgiveness when we don't deserve it (Romans 3:23 and 6:23)

Grace is the reason God came as a man. Grace is the reason I am passionate about wells. Grace is the reason I am believer today. Grace is the reason my father gave his life to Jesus some 33 years ago this weekend and changed my life forever.

Amazing Grace.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Well I am still alive

I know some of you quite reading and pull me from your lists... but I am back today.

It has been a crazy week, and I am ready for tomorrow. Thou Shalt Hang Out at Wells.

Should be awesome.

We are always making changes. I have this saying I stole from Ed Young. If it is not broke, break it.

So we are shifting things up a bit. I spent the morning with Nate and Shanna. We are bringing Shanna on part time to handle all of our Administrative Assistant work and to become the Director of Surroundings. She will be coordinating all of First Impressions as well as our volunteer base.

She will have a full plate, and I am pumped to see everything go the next level. So excited!

Congrats Shanna! Maybe I should say congrats Josh. She will bring some organization to my life!