Friday, August 31, 2007

Alisha's Wedding

I am in Springfield MO for a flying trip down and back. We left this morning to be here for rehearsal, so that all will go smooth for my cousin Alisha. She is being married tomorrow afternoon, to a great guy named Ryan.

We listened to High School Musical multiple times to keep the kids occupied on the long ride down. I am convinced that it is not my favorite.

I love being a part of weddings. It is so exciting to see peoples lives combine and the joy it brings to all the families. The Bible is constantly referring to weddings and the connection we have with God through the eyes of a wedding.

I have a friend that has a young boy who right now is taking issue with being the "bride of christ." As a boy he doesn't want to be a bride!

But what a magnificent thought as adult believers to be recognized as the bride, the true love of Christ. Think about the days surrounding your marriage, and how adoring the bride is doted on. Think of the love and tender caress that comes in the marriage. Remember the sacrificial actions, the attitude and kind words.

More than all of that, think of the purity of the covenant that is established on the ceremonial day of marriage. In todays society it is often taken light hearted, and tragically broken in some marriages. Yet when we think of who Jesus is, knowing that he cannot go back on his Covenant with us... Amazing.

Jesus loves his bride so much that, He gave His life to save mine, the bride.

Thank you.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

I couldnt have said it better

Check out my friend Herbert Cooper's blog.

I had been pondering some of these very same thoughts this week as I mulled I Corinthians 9,10,11,12 over in my mind.

Read both Coop's blog and Corinthians.

Moving theaters this week

I have been going 90 to nothing this week. We are moving theaters this weekend, becuae we are running out of room! So head to theater 11 instead of 12 this weekend!

Use the main doors to the theater as well! Coffee bar will be open at 9.45 for some great coffee and fellowship before service!

Monday, August 27, 2007

One of this weekends videos

Here is one of the videos we showed this weekend in regards to The Lord's Supper. I think you will like it.

We had such a crowd I was afraid we would run out of the juice and bread...

weekend update

Just a recap of yesterday. It was a fast day for sure. Service went extremely well. We spent the whole Sunday solely focused on Communion. It was outside the norm for sure, but I wanted to take some time to explain the significance from the Old Testament to Jesus connection.

Passover and Communion as so interwoven! I love understanding that Jesus drank all the cup of judgment for me. Thank God He was the obedient Son.

Didn't the band do a great job yesterday! I loved the worshipful feel they were able to create!

We had 162 in service for the weekend, school has started and the family routine is coming together!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chase the Lion Mailer is in the public

They mailers went out this week. 11,000 in total! They are being recieved this weekend and next week! Man I am pumped. Pray that they have a great impact.

Use the e-invite to invite a friend to service next week. We have lots going. New Series, New Coffee Shop, and New Theater!

Invite, Invite, Invite!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Chase the Lion

I just left the print shop from picking up our overrun Chase the Lion postcards. They look awesome! There is no way someone can toss this our with out checking it out! It is a full 6 inch by 9 inch flyer!

The graphics look great, and print is amazing. We are sending 11,000 out today. Please pray that God will use these as a tool to impact people. This mailer has the potential for 11,000 households to be changed.

I know the normal "stats" on return rate. But lets believe for God to be compelling hearts before they even get this flyer.

Chase the Lion. Grab Life by the Mane!

A good read

Just check out Steven's post here.

Very applicable.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Banners

I just opened the new shipment of our Banners. All I can say is WOW. They look amazing, and they werent very expensive at all.

I have a new banner producer. She is doing an awesome job printing and gives me a stellar price. If your interested email me and I will give you her contact info.

We use banners to brand each sermon series. We also use them to turn a "theater" area our space. We have coffee banners, we have Jordan Creek Banners, Kids Creek, and Nursery artwork. It just helps people associate the church in their mind. Branding is a vital part of who we are.

Again if you need some artwork on vinyl banners with stands, email me and I will get you hooked with Evonne. She does a great job and ships worldwide. I guarantee you won't find a less expensive product.

Another Full Day

Well I have another stacked day today well. I have several appointments about upcoming events.

I am meeting with Michon to discuss our prayer ministry in just a few minutes. we are looking at ways to really make it a power experience and life of our church. We have some creative new ideas that I know you are going to love! Not only will you benefit from the prayer team, but others lives are going to be blessed as well!

Pray with us!

I am also wrapping up the communion Sunday. I love to study about why and how we honor Jesus. I have always enjoyed celebrating the Lord's Supper together. I know for some of you this will be your first time, it is a great experience to celebrate the victory Jesus brought in death and resurrection.

Join us this Sunday as we take a full service to worship God in Communion with Him.

My Little Boy

I was cooking some oatmeal this morning for the kids while Dara was getting them dressed upstairs for school. Colin meanders down the steps, still looking a bit sleepy, and walks right up to me.

I was kind of expecting a "Hey dad," or "Whatcha doing?" But the only thing he said was, "Dad, when I grow up can I have your big saw?"

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So yes I have whiplash. It is a very interesting story as well.

On Monday I went over Mark Main's Office. His dad, Bill, has a huge tomato patch that he said I could have as many as I want. I love fresh tomatoes and miss not having them from our family garden as a kid.

Anyway, I went to pick some. They had a nice hogwire fence around the perimeter to keep the rabbits out. I was talking on my phone to a guy and thought I will just reach over a get a nice big round one. What I didnt understand is that the black and yellow braided twine looking rope across the top of the fence was actually .... you guessed it.... electric fence. Now I grew up seeing electric fence, even touching it a few times. But it had all been METAL! This looked like twine!

Needless to say when my chest touched the wire, which had been turned up to keep the deer out, my body completed the circuit to the ground.

I yelled, dropped my phone, and fell to my butt. It is one thing to know you are going to touch the fence, but entirely another when it hits you in the chest and changes your heart rhythm.

It immediately locked up my upper back and neck. I had hoped it would get better, but I could barely move yesterday getting out of bed. I made a quick appointment to Dr Hassel (my chiro). He checked me out gave an adjustment... argh. Laughed as everyone has, and said I have whiplash from jerking away from the fence...

I feel better today, but not 100%

Tomatoes. Hmph.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Gods Direction

Finding Gods direction is really an interesting thought. I know in my life I personally would like to know what ore than just one step holds. All too often though God leads us one step at at time.

This is really an area that I wrestle with. I like knowing how everything is going to play out. I don't mind dealing with the spontaneous things in life, but I sure enjoy knowing the things coming ahead.

I am a researcher by nature, I like to understand how things work and why. As a kid I used to take everything apart (much to the dismay of my mother) and then reassemble them. I just liked knowing how it worked.

I was unpacking some of these habits with my accountability guys this morning, in regards to God leading us. Steve relayed a great analogy from Charles Stanley.

Stanley once compared knowing Gods direction to driving home at night from the office. He said I leave my office and turn on my headlights. They only shine a couple hundred feet in front of me. Yet I can navigate my way home. I don't have to have beams that lock onto my house from the office, i just need to see a little bit in front of me.

The same is true for me. I often want to see the end picture and at times judge my immediate circumstance y what I think the end picture should look like. In reality I need to just trust God with the steps he has given me right in front of me. Although I may not see much past the next few decisions, I know the vision he has given me.

I challenge you to not be consumed (like I have been at times) with the distant future. Look at what you are doing right now for your family, and to impact the kingdom.

Let God lead you one step at a time. Remember to trust him and he will direct your path!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Baptism By the Bay

We are gearing up for our Baptism and Bar-B-Que on September the 9th at Lake Panorama. My friend Mark Batterson has allowed us to use their video from there baptism in DC. We have showed it a few times on Sunday, but here is it for you to see!

Communion Sunday

I have been doing some study on Communion through Jewish eyes. It has been amazing. We miss so much of the meaning of the text by not having a Jewish heritage.

I am excited to get into Communion some more next Sunday. It is going to be an exciting morning of worship, teaching, and celebrating communion (the Lord's Supper) together.

You wont want to miss it.

Friday, August 17, 2007

And Still Some More

And still some more artwork for the foyer and new cafe!

I am so stoked about this 9:45 Coffee Shop we are creating. It is going to be so great to have some quality fellowship time in a great place. Make plans to come a little early to be a part of it.

New Banners

You are going to love these!


Well I have been Simpsonized. Go here to get your new look!

Chase the Lion mailer

Just finalized the 11,000 piece Chase the Lion mailer today.

It should go out Wednesday f next week to promote the September 2nd launch. It is going to be great. I challenge you to take a minute and pray for the success of this mailer. There are thousands of families that need a great church home. This single piece of evangelism could be the difference maker in their lives for all of eternity!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday Randomness

A lot has transpired for me in the past week. My Dad has been healed, we had a great service this weekend, and Dara and the kids have left for a few days of vacation at her parents house.

I have spent my time since Sunday trying to get lots of things organized and caught up. I have been listening to some good audio sermons while I am working at the office. My goal is to have everything put in its proper place before the family arrives at the end of the week.

This weekend we are looking at How to Bless our Children and I am excited! It is so easy to just police them, all the time and not spend time blessing and encouraging them. We miss so much from the OT by not really living the Sabbath as Jesus did. They was a whole course of blessings that took place the night of the Sabbath.

Next weekend is our Communion Sunday. Take some time in the next two weeks to prepare your heart and mind for receiving the Lord's Supper together as a body. It is an amazing time fo celebration together!

Friday, August 10, 2007


God performed a miracle literally in my dads heart. After at least 5 tests in a few days all shoing blockage, the bottom of his heart not functioning, and some valve damage, the doctor went in Monday morning with a heart cath.

The doctor came out of the cath stunned. He said the only way he could explain what has happened is that there tests were false positives... Now I dont know about you, but if 5 for 5 tests can be wrong, at the hospital, I am not sure if I want any tests ran on me.

EKG, echocardiograms, ultrasounds, and stress tests some ran more than once. Now all are "false positives," but I am confident that sometime in the night on Sunday God healed my dad.

Praise God for his healing mercies. He is home and doing well, right now!

Thank you for all who prayed. Again Prayer Makes A Difference!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Update on my Dad

I just got off the phone with my mom, and they are taking my dad to the ER. He said it feels like someone is stabbing him in the back.

Thanks for your prayers.

Blog Break

I will be away from a real internet connection for a few days. My dad is having some heart issues and after church I am going to be with him for a few days while he has a heart cath, and potentially some other procedures. The cardiologists have said that the bottom half of his heart is not functioning and he has some valve issues as well.

He had a major heart attack a couple weeks ago and still is having some complications with that. He is up and moving around and things, but he is not supposed to do anything to stress his heart. He has a nitro spray, that doesnt leave his side.

I would ask you to pray for him and mom as well. Actually my whole family.

I will try to find a computer or coffee shop or something to give you an update ASAP.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Getting ready for the weekend

A couple quick things to bring everyone up to speed.

1. Colin has strep throat, so that has rearranged some things for us. But he is recovering well.

2. I dreamed (dreamt I thought was correct but the spell check said no) of the Baptism and Bar-B-Que coming up. It was awesome. You are going to love it, dont miss the baptism coming on September the 9th at Lake Panorama. If you haven't been baptized since you have believed this is the time to do it.

3. Prayer team is about to take a step up. I have a Prayer Team Leader we are just about ready to announce. She has some great ideas about prayer and making sure every ministry is covered with consistent intercessory prayer. We also are looking at having some printed answered prayers in the bulletin on a weekly basis.

4. Theater number 11 is coming. We are moving to the largest theater in the complex in September. Invite a friend to Chase the Lion. It is going to be great!