Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Workaholicism. Is that a word

Well, it sure is fun when the pastor gets convicted about his own sermons. We have been preaching through the Baggage series and I admitted two weeks ago that I have some addictions. I am a workaholic and am dealing with how I slow down. It is hard to admit I have a problem sometimes, and even harder to really say I need help.

I have been hardwired to just handle whatever comes my way and that seems like a good thing. It has been for us, and I love to work, but I need to reprogram.

Tomorrow starts some reprogramming in a lot of ways. I am working hard to ties up loose ends, and finalize projects. But I feel like personally and spiritually we are facing some pretty intense weeks ahead. So in the morning I am beginning a 21 day fast.

I am asking for your prayers, and you to join with me on whatever level that means for you. I will be only drinking water and juice. (tragic almost since I just brought home 391 pounds of fresh beef from my dad.) You can go on a juice fast, water only fast, only vegetables etc. The idea is not to make it legalistic, but a time to set your heart to be in tune with God.

I know the scriptures about boasting about fasting is receiving our reward (in regards to hypocrites in Matthew 6:16-18). I am writing about it so that you can join with me.

Fasting is a spiritual discipline that we need to work on as church and as individuals. It clears your mind to really hear from God.

Remember Fasting is Fun!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mark Driscoll

Here is the recap of Marks talk today. check out daras blog for Ed Young and Craig Groeschel.

Religion says if you obey God He will love you.

Gospel says, because God loves you, you can obey.

Religion says world about good and bad people.

Gospel sees people as repentant and unrepentant.

Religion is about your birth family.

Gospel doesn’t care about your natural birth, but your new birth.

Religion is about what I do.

Gospel is about what Jesus has done.

Religion is about getting from God. (make me happy, give me what I want. Religion is the stick and God is the piƱata)

Gospel is about giving God as the gift.

Religion sees hardship as punishment.

Gospel recognizes not all suffering is bad. Good fruit can come out of suffering.

Religion ends u in two wicked places. About me it ends in pride or despair.

Gospel ends in confident humility.

The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Do you really love God or do you love

Take a moment and really think about the false gospel of religion that only leads to idolatry and despair.

Ed Young


I am sitting here right now at Fellowship church at the C3 conference. Just stoked. It is an amazing facility, with people here from all over the US.

It is just getting started, so I will post more.

Really I will....

By the way its going to be 80 here today. Just thought you'd enjoy knowing it feels great here!