Saturday, September 23, 2006

i am alive

Just thought I'd let everyone know I am still alive and have just been out of the blogosphere in the past two weeks.

I will get caught up Sunday evening.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Cattle trails

Have you noticed that cattle walk the same path everyday of their life. Maybe you haven't, but I have taken care of too many cows... Well now I just enjoy eating them. Anyhow that is a different story.

They do though. Look out into a cattle pasture the next time you drive down the highway. There will be a beaten down path in certain areas of the field. Mainly from the feed point, to the back pasture to the water bins or tanks. Not much deviation form the normal routine of life. They just follow the one in front of them. Day in and day out same thing, everyday.

Too often we fit that same mold. We just do the same thing everyday. Never break routine. Just follow the same old thing. I love breaking out of the routine. I am an entrepreneur at heart, I think sometimes we get stuck in a rut with our lives. In every sense. With our marriage, our kids, our jobs, and our relationship with Christ.

We are just humdrum sometimes. I really thing that is because we just do the same thing with out any thought. Well this is what I did yesterday so I am doing it again today. I am supposed to read my bible, so I better do it again today or God wont love me...

How about we connect with God because we love him? I don't know crazy idea, but maybe we should have community with Christ because he loves us and we love him. Not because if we don't he will banish us from his kingdom... Like an angry Greek god.

I am with my wife because I love her and she loves me. Not because I have to check in x amount of time each day to qualify for a marriage license.

We do that though. Well I will go to church this week, so I can mark off my to do list of "god things" this week.

Examine why you do the things you do, or don't do.

American Idol

Just an update. We are in Minneapolis outside the target center. Waiting. I think that is the name of the game today.

We got registered easily yesterday and today is the moment of truth! Everyone at church is so pumped and we have been getting the we are "praying for you, and we are so excited, Go Dara" all week!

Pretty fun! This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Daddy you paint moon?

Friday evening Colin and I are driving and there is a full moon out. He loves the sun and the moon and always talks about them when he sees them.

Well as we were driving he noticed the full moon and started going on about it. He says, "daddy moon, look at dat" "beautiful daddy." Then he says, "daddy you paint moon?" I said, "No I didn't" He asked, "mommy paint moon?" I said, "No, Jesus painted it."

He got excited, and said, "Jesus paint moon! Love it, daddy, Love it."

It was awesome.


Here it is Friday morning and I haven't posted all week. Someone should talk to me about this!

Sunday was Great! We had 102, and for a holiday weekend -Awesome. Things went really well, and we used our conference room at the new office for our afternoon team meeting! Very cool.

The sermon was number 4 in our 5 part series about being relevant to society. This weekend we are wrapping up with a sermon called Sit Where They Sit. It should be great. We are ramping up for the 24th when we are celebrating our one year birthday! Hurrah!