Friday, March 28, 2008


Just wanted to remind everyone about our new Service Time this weekend!

We are starting at 10:00 this week. It is going to be great. Dont forgot the the coffee bar is open at 9.30 also.

You wont want to miss this weeks sermon about "the House."

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mind Your Own Business Trailer

This is also a video we showed today. At the end everyone erupted in Applause! hilarious! Cant wait to take about money beginning April 6th! It is the most talked about subject in the text. So we are going to spend a whole month discussing it!

Invite a friend, its going to be great. We are making some big announcements through out the series. You wont want to miss it!


Check out this Easter Video we did for service today. Kevin did a great job!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Grandma

Just got home from visiting my grandma Brown in the hospital. She beat colon cancer in he last two years, but they just found a large tumor in her abdomen. It is causing her some intense pain and excessive amount of blood in her urine. They did a biopsy but we dont have any test results back yet. Either way they have to remove it.

Just pray for her and my family. No one really knows which side is up right now.

More to come, as I know about it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tri Training

Well I have been actively training for the HyVee Tri in June since the begining of January.

I have joined a group at Prairie Life Fitness and it has been amazing. They have been pushing us and forcing us to really grow as an athlete. I love it.

The first day they recorded a bunch of stats on our performance level and level of fitness. Then Sunday we redid all those same events and compared our scores.

I have had amazing results. I shaved 7 seconds off my 50 meter swim and 6 minutes 20 sec off my 500. Now granted I swam like a drunken pig when I first started, and now i actually know how to swim, but...

Anyway, i am in the best shape I have been in years, and have lost significant weight, and feel wonderful. I cant wait to compete. June 22, here I come.

Change and why we dont like it

The old adage is that "people resist change."

That phrase has bothered and haunted me for years. Personally I love change. It always is exciting for me. I love the adventure. I thrive on the how is this all going to play out.

What I have come to is that people don't like change because it forces them out of their comfort zone.

Change in the workplace forces them to learn a new system or a have a new manager. Its sometimes hard.

Change in the church causes unknowns, forces a person to trust God and their leaders, not just their own stable feelings they have been feeling for years.

The bottom line is change forces growth, and growth hurts. The benefits far out way the pain, but in the moment people don't want the pain, so the resist the growth and then assume they don't like change.

To grow spiritually you have to change what you have been doing. You have push yourself to read your Bible, pray more, even speak to someone about coming to church, or better yet share with them what God has been doing in your life. But all that hurts, because you have to sacrifice time, and maybe your favorite reality show, or you have to sacrifice your own fear and pride to speak to someone. It hurts, and because it hurts we resist it to the point that we don't do it like we should. When the benefit of growing in Christ far out ways the pain of change.

Yet at the end of the day, too many will still resist it.

Where are you at today?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mind Your Own Business

Here is the new Artwork for the Series starting in April

Finally better

Well that last post was just a teaser. I was only in the "I think I feel better, but I guess I am really not" moment. Terrible.

This respiratory flu, or whatever it has mutated to these days is terrible. I don't like super strength germs. That is why I am not a big antibiotic guy. My theory is it just makes them stronger.


Lots of things transpiring. This weekend service is going to be great. Invite your friends and neighbors. I will be presenting a very clear Gospel message as we discuss the reality of heaven and hell. You wont want to miss it.

We are gearing up for a great easter Sunday. We have a spectacular video planned as well as a trailer for our Mind Your Own Business series beginning in April.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well it finally caught up with me. I had been really careful to rest well, and eat right to avoid this sickness traveling around, but over the past week I did get run down from lack of sleep. So slept a ton in the past two days, and I finally feel better.

I was able to get a some paper work done, and prep for the weekend.

Tomorrow I will be up an running!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Past Couple Weeks

Man it has been a whirl wind, but God has been faithful. We went to the C3 conference in Dallas, off the hook. Loved it.

Almost our whole church has been fasting and God has been doing some great things. Worship rocked this weekend! Thanks to some help from the guys at Guitar Center we finally got our sub working right. What a difference it makes. Thanks Bill and Mike. If you need anything sound wise head to GC in West Des Moines. They will take care of you.

I am meeting some guys this Thursday about some preliminary plans for property. God is blessing. Pray about this 10 acres. I know God wants to bless we just need to be in alignment with Him!

Dont miss this weekend. We start a great new series called "K(no)w Really" This Sunday we will be looking at the validity of the Scripture. Next Weekend at is Heaven and Hell really real. And finally on easter Sunday we will be looking at the truth of the resurrection.

Invite your friends. Even those skeptical. This a great series to let God move on their heart!