Wednesday, May 31, 2006

da Vinci code

In life group tonight we will be discussing the major points of the Da Vinci Code... Should be interesting.

The movie was pretty much a let down. Only a 6 or 7. Not at all the level of a Ron Howard and Tom Hanks caliber movie. It deviated from the book in spots as well.

Do you think many Christians have been rattled by this book/movie?

Do you think that this book is a deterrent to Christianity?

Chris John

Had lunch with a great guy today name Chris. He will be leading worship for us on the 25th of June while Jason is out on a much needed vacation.

One of the things I really like about him is that he is a visionary. He has a dream of a worship leaders network for the metro. We discussed this ministry today and we want to partner with him in helping him make this a success.

The reason I love this dream he was is becuase it alines with our vision that God wants to touch every life in the metro. I know our church cant do that alone, and this kind of ministry will help us.

Chris and his wife are a part of the New Hope E Free in Adel where they are buying a house in the next week.


Monday was our 8 year anniversary. It was really nice. Just a note to everyone, don't get married Memorial day weekend. Everything closes at 6....

But we still had a great time. It was nice to be out with my beautiful wife. She is so eloquent and lovely. We sat at a restaurant and just enjoyed each others company for a few hours. Marriage really is great. I don't get these guys who just want to be single and date tons of women...

I have a wonderful wife who loves me unconditionally. I really couldn't make it with out her.

I love you Baby.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Technology The Love Hate Relationship

Well I found out yesterday that we have been recording the sermons to get the podcasting going for two months now, and they havent actually been recording.

It does make me want to do violent things to the computer, but I know that won't help. So I am posing this question for anyone who is interested, "Is there a person out there who loves technology as much as Kip from Napolean who wants to really take us to the next level with podcasting?"

If you read this blog and love in the metro leave a post....

JCFC 2nd Baptism

Just thought I would post Drews Baptism from Friday. It is absolutely awesome to be a part of the Great Commission!

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Saturday, May 27, 2006


My favorite thing to do! I love the passion and commitment people have when they are getting baptized. I makes me feel connected to Jesus. Somehow my mind goes to this far gone day on the bank of the Jordan River and we under the eye of distant religious Pharisees who are watching our every move while we baptize person after person...

Tonight we baptized my friend Drew Stinson. It was awesome. He is such a kind and tender guy. I was honored to baptize him.

I love living out the great commission.

I will post the video tomorrow!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


I know this is crazy, but I really think that God's plan is for every single person in the metro to experince God, to encounter Jesus, and live a life that is pleasing to him.

One church is not enough. This will require a network of churchs. Our church multi sited across the city. JCFC partnering with other church, denominations, and fellowships. But I feel in the deepest part of me that God desires to know his creation.

I also think that the local church is the vehicle to change lives.
Can you help me?
Will you follow him?
Are you ready to throw out everything you think you know about "evangelism" and really lay it on the line for God?

This isnt just a game of win or lose, but it is life and death.

Think about it, life or death.

Online giving

Ladies and gentlemen it is finally here! Online giving in a secure paypal site!

I think this is going to be fantastic! If you are away on vacation or out of town for business you can still be faithful in giving!

Check it out under online giving at


Wow, in the past month I have been to three different conferences in three different parts of the USA. I went to STL with my wife for her Arbonne NTC. John Maxwell spoke. Off the charts. I was in DC for a couple days at the Buzz conference with Mark Batterson and Ed Young. Ed's big line was "use your eyes to plagiarise." (just ask me about it) Then I went to San Antonio and hung out on the river walk with Herbert Cooper, Dave Crosby, Tommy Sparga, and Anthony Scoma. Four guys that poured into me for two days!

I am truly on information overload. I have really been doing some soul searching in the past weeks. There are several things we do well as church but other things we are really weak in. We are gearing up for the fall early to get a jump on the natural rise in attendance as vacations stop and school gets started.

Check out the web page in the next few days for some upcoming events. We are doing these awesome park "character" lessons this summer with some cool give always for the kids. We have yard signs coming next week! And we are looking at doing a photography day in the mall for families.

We are trying hard to create some buzz in the community!

Pray like it depends on God work like it depends on you!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Updating my profile

Well I am uploading my picture so I can get it to my profile page... I think