Monday, January 25, 2010


Humanity by nature is resistant to change. People tend to resist change as a general rule, but if you'll notice change is happening all around us. (I hope that the winter soon changes to spring, but that's another story.)

Things are constantly changing.

My little girl, is quickly changing from a little girl to a young lady. Yikes.
Restaurants and business change ownership.
Bloggers are changing to Tweetering and FB.
Senate, House, and other political positions change every few years.
I have a pastor friend who is dealing with some very difficult staff changes.
Relationships change through out the years.

Things change.

We sometimes dont like to admit it, but we change. I hope that we are not the same people we were in High School or college. Id like to think that God has changed me from the inside out to become more like Him.

Its interesting to watch those who are resistant to change, "just because."

Sadly when stop changing we die. Literally.

Life is all about change.

Im glad that God never changes, and He never stops changing me.