Sunday, April 22, 2007

weekend update

Every time I write "weekend update" I think about Jimmy Fallon, and his missing presence on SNL. Why do people do stop a good thing.


Today as great overall. We were able to show a couple videos. One was about the "Preach from Boats" sermon, and ending reminesecnt of Mr. Miagi from the Karate Kid... I will get the video up tomorrow evening hopefully.

The highlight of the service was showing Paul and Sandy May's testimonial. I will try to post it as well tomorrow.

They shared a protion of their heart, and what God has done for them in the last year. They were in the throws of a divorce, depression and big struggle in life in general. They got a flier pointing them to a Super Saturday in the park, and the rest they say is history. (I will lt you watch the video for the whole story).

Not sure about attendance yet, but good for a beautiful Sunday. We had lots of new moms home and some sick families, but it was great to see our awesome church family today.

I am excited about the future of the Buzz, and the band is really becoming a tight group. Jeff is now singing and really sounding great. Are they not doing a great job? Didn't how to say a life sound fantastic?

I am just so pumped about our direction, and overall feel.

We have several new videos to shoot, and families that are jumping at the chance to be vulnerable in front of the church body so that they an be an encouragement!

I love to see the church grow and move as a body.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Servants heart

Man I went to Hy-Vee on Tuesday, and every time I am in there I am blown away.

There customer service is second to none. Every employee I saw said "Hello, can I help you, or have a nice day".

Off the Hook. I am thinking of having a meeting at the church for all staff and volunteers and having some Hy-Vee management come in and train us on customer service.

It is so vitally important that we are friendly and outgoing, and ready to serve others.

Think about it the next time your in Hy-Vee.

I think we need to make sure in the busyness of the weekend worship experience that people know we have time for them. That we are just "doing our jobs," but we genuinely want to help them with their needs.

Jesus modeled that so well. He came to serve not be served. Help us to have that same spirit.

Being more organized

I am working on getting things done in a more timely fashion and being more orgainzed. I have several loose granite ends that need to be tied up this week, I am going crazy. Also some church stuff, that I need to be more proactive about.

It just is hard for me sometimes. So I am taking small steps in my life to be more scheduled and disciplined to complete tasks 100%.

I have now scheduled my haircuts for the rest of the year! One small step for Josh, on giant leap for..

Well I dont know about a giant step, for anyone but as the old saying goes, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time."

That is me right now. One bite at a time.


Finally the dude has been voted off! If you dont know what I am talking about, where have you been?

This crazy fiasco almost ruined Idol for me...

My day off

I have been working hard at making sure I take Wednesdays off. I need a day to rest, and be creative in my mind.

Had a blast. Got some much needed rest, and Colin and I got haircuts.

After a late lunch, I went biking. We found this cool old brickyard off the Sycamore Trail in Des Moines. Sweet place to ride. Well as I was powering up the hill, right as I was shifting gears, I noticed my left pedal felt weird...

BAM, then it happened the whole left crank and pedal fell off as I was standing up pedaling up the hill. I was just about to the top, and ready to do some cool drops... well we finally found the bolt, but didn't have any way to put it back together...

So I limped it back to the truck, and took it right to Scheels, muddy and everything.

They should have it done today.

Crazy, but a blast.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My brother the Soccer Mom

My little brother traded his truck in this week for a new minivan.

Hold on now, he is 21 but very practical. The truck was just too expensive (gas wise) so on Monday he traded for a new van.

He called me last night and told me some of the girls from the office have been calling him The Soccer Mom....

Too funny. Of course Caleb just rolls with it... Rarely ever rattled. You should meet him sometime.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thou Shalt Preach From Boats

This weekend we are looking at JCFC command number 2.

Thou Shalt Preach From Boats. I am stoked about it. We will be looking at the text where the crowd got too big to hear from Jesus, so he went out on a boat to speak. He created an amphitheater of sorts so all could hear him.

I love how every time you turn around Jesus was doing something new. He did whatever it took for people to be able to interact with him, and hear what he had to say. Preaching from a boat, pulling Zac down from the tree, talking to Samaritan women at a well.

Out of the box stuff. As far as we know no one had ever preached from a boat before. Great idea...

Just shows me that there are all kinds of ways to minister that we have never even thought of before.

So excited. Join us this weekend, as we pray God shows you where you fit in ministry -even if it means preaching from a boat!

What a Week So Far

What can you say in regards to this Virginia tech deal. Such tragedy. It is really sad to know this guy was so low, so discouraged that he felt like the only thing to do was to take out all these innocent people.

Our hearts and prayers are with the students, families, and facilty at VT.

Words just don't express what is happening.

I am already tired of the reporters asking dumb questions. We all have more questions than answers.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend update

Easter last weekend we had 159, and today we had 141! Awesome. I love only being 10% down from a Big Event Weekend.

Baby dedications are one of my favorite things! We dedicated Landon Mumm and Kennedy O'Brien. Awesome! So great to see young families making commitments to serve God through their children.

I so much love the place we are in. God is doing awesome things in the lives of the church family.

We are filming video testimonies this week for the next several sermons. I am so pumped about those willing to share their heart about what God has done in the last year and half. It is so great to sit down with a family and find out just how awesome God has been in their lives.

I am talking about marriages restored. Those not even sure about faith coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus. From drug addiction to new careers. From Suicide to New Life.

I Love the text that says he will bring beauty for ashes, strength for fears, gladness for mourning, and peace for despair.

We lose a bit of that community of the body with our time constraints at the theater. I am jazzed about getting them on video, for all to share.

Don't miss this next week, as we look at Thou Shalt Preach From Boats.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


I was cruising around on my sisters website tonight and found a picture of my favorite dog in all my life. Trusty!

As some of you know, we had some great times together. We had a lot of dogs, but Trusty is one I always counted as mine. Caleb had Fancy, (argh she is a long story). Kim probably claims them all, as well as the cows, horses, birds, turtles etc. Anything we caught or had...

Here he is. The greatest dog in the history of dogs... I will post some more about him later.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Just another day

Too many times we go through our busy days thinking just that. Well its just another day.

The reality is that it is never just another day. You have no idea the things those around you are going through and your response to the Holy Spirit moving in your life may be pivotal in their journey with God.

To many, our Super Saturdays last summer could have been just another day. But not so to Paul and Sandy May. It was the beginning of a turn around in their life, as they showed up to an event from a flyer left on their door.

They now are plugged in and letting God lead them in their life.

To some the day Morgan Dutler reached out to a co-worker and invited Sophia Toscano to this new church meeting in a theater, could have been just another day... But it was a life changing day in the life of Sophia and her boys.

Or how about when Irene from Kenya invited Ra-jeet to come to JCFC. He came and has given his life to Jesus Christ. Could have been just another day, but it wasn't.

Ra-jeet has since moved back to India. I thought he was gone forever, but he showed up Sunday for Easter. He hugged me, and told me that Jesus told him to come back and be a part of our church.

2 Corinthians 6:2b... now is the day of salvation.

Its not just another day. It very could be the day of salvation for that person next to you in line, or the gas station attendant, or that coworker you have been having lunch with for weeks.

Be responsive to what the Holy Spirit is prompting you to do and say. Remember its not the devil or something weird in your mind telling you to invite that person to church.

Don't forget this is a tag team deal. You invite and bring them to church, tag me. I preach and give the gospel, tag you. You then continue that relationship, and follow up with it.

We grow as Christ-followers, they grow, and the church grows!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lori's chocolate cake

Well, it is Tuesday/ Wednesday morning and I haven't heard of any orders for Lori's cake.

I am serious when I say you should order one. I know she said that she wanted to wait until after Easter. It is now after Easter.

Well, I guess we have had one order. I think my sister is using it for her grooms cake in STL!

See she hasn't even tasted it, but she is ready to get one!

hmm... you need to get a mental taste of the chocolate right now...


I know that some of you have been wondering when we are having our next membership meeting.

Here is the deal. I am looking at dates and locations for our next JCFC 101 class.

We are going to do it on Sunday lunch time. We will meet at 11:45 or so, have lunch together and then go right though the teaching. We will finalize everything about 2.30.

It should be awesome.

If you havent taken a 101 class now is the time!

I will post about the dates, get it on the calendar with a registration this week.

10 Commandments of JCFC

Here it is... the new e invite for the upcoming series.

Use it to invite your friends to service this weekend. It is going to rock!

I. Thou shalt turn water to wine.

We will be looking at Jesus first miracle and how it set the stage for his ministry. I love how Jesus turns the mess into a miracle.

So often we see the mess, and just think, bummer. Where is our involvement in the lives of those around us? Jesus took a moment that was a crisis, and used it to bring God glory.

What is your first thought in a situation out of your control? Do you worry? Do you physically try to solve it? Do you what to ask for God's help? Do you think he is too busy to help you?

What did it matter if the ran out of wine? They had already been there for while. So what was the big deal? The family would be embarrassed? Doesn't seem like something to get all worked up about and perform a miracle, though, does it?

Or does it? Maybe we need to remember that God is a God of details. Not just a god off in the distance hoping it all works out for you. He even knows how many hair you have on your head.

For some that is an easier thing to keep track of...

Michon.... does it mess with the system when you are doing a transplant... though?

Come out this week and be a part of our Sunday Morning worship experience.

New babies and amazing women

Just wanted to give a shout out to the new babies and moms at JCFC.

The Pattersons have a new addition -Landon, and as of 9:55 Tuesday morning so do the Wetzels, and she is named Zaida.

Everyone is healthy and doing great!

I also wanted to say how awesome our ladies are at JCFC. They just stepped up and are bringing it! They are falling all over themselves trying to get meals coordinated for these new babies families!

Some ladies are bringing food to families they barely know!

I love to see the servant's heart of Jesus being shown.

Chasing Turkeys

First before you go any further read this.

Perry Noble's Blog

Good, now that you have done that. I agree with him. I fit that profile to a T. I find myself wanting to defend to the "death" things that seemingly come against what I am passionate about.

Namely critical people. What I need to be careful about is not being critical of critical people, thus becoming a critical person. Did that make sense...

Perry, thanks for the insight from a dumb 'ol turkey.

Its funny how God can speak right to you from the simplest things if we would just listen.

So I apologize if my Pharisee comments crossed the line. ( I still have beef with them, but maybe I need to change my thought processes.)

Romans 12:2
Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

Great thought. I love the part about being transformed by the renewing of our minds. It implies it is a continual process. We need to be continually renewed!

Thank God he is doing that for me.

Easter Video?

Ok, does the easter video play on your computer when you go to my blog immediately? It does now when I open my page...

Please tell me what it does on your computer. That would be crazy annoying if it plays every time we open the page...

leave a comment

Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Video

Ok. Learning a few things here. Trying to get this video up and running. I have successfully squashed it down to play. But working on getting it uploaded.

If this doesnt work, my man Paul can fix anything computer related. Maybe we can get him a business rolling like we are working on Pastor Lori's cake business.

The way I figure it, if that kid can do radio spots for the guy who works on computers, then Paul can rock the mic... or whatever is computer lingo for being at the top!


You know what really bothers me today? Modern day Pharisees. They really get me fired up.

I hate it when "christians" think that they have the market cornered on God. They act like their church is the only one going to make it. Quick to harshly judge all others who don't do church just like them. Then they go down the condemnation road... and act all pious and grand.


Its funny to me how Christians get hung on little things, but just overlook pride and self deception in their own life.

"When Pride walks on the stage God walks off." -Ed Young 2007 C3

The church is supposed to be the Body of Christ, yet we spend so much time cutting eachother up instead of encouraging and edifying. If we could really present a united front for the kingdom we could change this community for His glory. The self-righteous aren't going to change anyone, just hurt other believers and discourage unbelievers from trusting.

The text teaches that our righteousness if like filthy rags. We only can put on the righteousness of Christ. If we are really wearing His righteousness, we won't act like the Pharisees. The antithesis of who Christ really is.

Ever study the original text of what the word filthy rags meant to the Jew? It really implies the thought of the material that women used during their menstrual cycle. We loose that in translation. Changes the thought huh?

We often illustrate that thought in sermon by holding up a dirty, oily rag. But think about what the text really says, and what it would have meant when it was said to someone in Jesus day. Jesus wasn't impressed with the righteousness of the Pharisees. You make the implication.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that the way we do church is perfect. Hmm... no church is. I fully understand it takes all kinds of approaches to reach everyone. IE the difference between Peter and Paul's style of ministry in Acts, is a perfect example of two totally different church styles. But come on lets not eat each other bones and all.

Pharisees read the book of James. You know Jesus brother. It might help with some relationships.

I am just disgusted.

Easter and Murphy's Law

Got to love the Easter Weekend and Murphy's law.

Of course on a day that is packed with people we would have things crash!

We had 159 in service and it was awesome. Several had family and friends in, and some where guests who saw some signs!

Have to say our "sign department" has been the best advertisement we have ever had.


During worship, about the third song in a breaker blew. The music was drawing some power and we added a new set of lights to take some of the shadow off the band. Then our first video had no audio... powerful video though. I will try to post it later today for you to watch.

Overall good service. Not my best sermon ever, I was honestly a bit distracted because my final point was ANOTHER VIDEO. I was scrambling n my mind to think, now what? The first one didnt work, what about this one...

The IT Team did an awesome job! They ran the audio from one, and the video from another computer, synced it up and TADA! Worked.

You guys rock!

Got to love Easter. Got to connect with several people. And great to see so many worshiping God together!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

First Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Crazy is all I have to say. It was like 28 degrees out today for the Easter Egg Hunt.

But it didn't stop some 200+ people from scavenging up 10,000 eggs. It was crazy. They took them all!

The DM Register was there taking pics. They should have them up on th web today. I will post once I find it! They also are running an article or pics in the paper next week!

Anyways, cold, but it was awesome.

Pops to Lori our children's pastor, and Team Easter. You guys rocked it today!

I spoke with a few families that said they will be there in the morning! Excellent!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Lessons in Leadership

Well the past two years have been great, humbling at times, high times, but most of all growing times. I have given a lot of thought as to who I am, what I am really about, and what drives me. I have really grown as a leader in several ways.

Some of the Lessons in Leadership I have learned I have learned the hard way. I try to learn from others as often as possible, but there are things you just cant know unless you walk that road. There have been roads I have started to go down, and realized yikes, that isn't what I thought it was. I want to share a few things in leadership I have learned in the past few years.

1. Do the hard part first.
It always seems better to let things ride, but it is just not the case. It is better to address the situation at hand NOW. Not like the candy now or later...

2. You don't need everyone that comes to your church.
Sounds contradictory to church growth but its not. Sometimes you grow by subtraction. There are those who cant get the big idea, and are too self-centered to help you grow this thing for the sake of the kingdom.

Spiritual maturity is not self centered!

3. Deeper is doing.
Deep Christianity isn't being able to say I prayed for 16,000 hours this week. Put some feet to the Text. Application. I am glad God is speaking to you and all, but what are you doing with what He is saying.

4. Put up or shut up.
Do I need to explain that one? Nah.

5. Be slow to Hire slow and fast to fire.
Be slow to hire, so that you get the right person at the right times. Then when it isn't working, and the team member isn't really on the team. "Free them to do ministry elsewhere."

Some "fireable" offensives at JCFC
1. Disloyalty. You're done. End of discussion.
2. Lying. If you will lie to me, you'll lie to church, your spouse and to God.
3. Talking about your compensation package. It only breeds disunity and jealousy on the team.

By the way, you can fire volunteers and those you have hired from within. It isn't easy or fun. But it can be done with a right heart.

6. Go with your gut.
You need to be able to react to those strong gut feelings. Trust your heart (or your wife, women have better discernment usually than us dumb men).

7. Dream Bigger
We often don't dream big enough. We limit God, and bore the entrepreneurs in our church.
If your not making the finance team nervous your not dreaming big enough.

8. Take the Risk
Seriously life is too short not to have all the chips on the table. Your are either all in or all out. What dance around, and never really get it done? Take the risk, its all just time and money anyway.

9. Nothing is really sacred.
Its just a building, or a chair, or a screen. Get over it. They are all just tools for us to use to reach more people. This thing isn't about buildings, or numbers, or dollars. It is about seeing changed lives once Jesus lives in their life. It is about making disciples, and them duplicating themselves.

10. You don't always have to have 10 items in the list, or 3 points in a sermon for that matter!

Thursday Night late

Getting ready to crash in a minute. I was thinking about my week though. I have been able to log some quality time with my kids and wife, sermon is almost done, (Angela has my notes for the worship guide) we have two videos for the weekend, E-news letter is emailed, constructed some props for the 10 Commands series, looked at potential property for the church, had several meetings, three new songs for the weekend including "Where the Streets Have No Name."

Over all it has been great. I am excited about our 10,000 easter egg hunt on Saturday. Then off to the big Easter service this weekend.

Most people will respond positively to an invite on Easter weekend. Go ahead. You may not know whose life will be forever changed from this encounter.

Use the e invite, forward the e news letter, call them up, call them up, and tell them what you want, just ask someone.

Isn't your salvation experience meaningful enough to push the envelope on the easiest day of the year to ask your neighbor? Lend me some sugar I am your neighbor (some of you will get that, others will just think I am up too late again.)

It is going to be off the hook this weekend. I cant wait to speak on Sunday about the resurrection.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

10 Commandments of JCFC more

Here are the sermon topics. Thought you might like a preview.

1. Thou shalt turn water to wine
2. Thou shalt preach from boats
3. Thou shalt offend missionaries
4. Thou shalt hang out at wells
5. Thou shalt crack the whip
6. Thou shalt curse barren fig trees
7. Thou shalt not wear long tassels
8. Thou shalt wash smelly feet
9. Thou shalt withdraw to the wilderness
10. Thou shalt get out of the boat

Interesting stuff huh?

Death of a close friend

My friend Steve, aka my trusty assistant, called me tonight to talk about his friend who was killed in a freak ATV accident this weekend. It is always troubling when someone your age dies.

It is funny how we all feel invincible and that nothing like that can happen to us. The older I gte the more precious life becomes to me. The Bible truly is right on, when it says our life is just like a mist, it appears for a moment then vanishes away!

Stop and think about life. What is it really? What about after that death moment? Then what?

Maybe this Easter you can join us at 10:15 (9:15 for the Buzz) for service. As we celebrate Life together.

10 Commandments of JCFC

We have this great new series coming up after Easter. It is going to be great.

Here is the tag line.

Do you ever wonder how the church is relevant to you today? Join us as we look at 10 things Jesus said and did during his lifetime, and how we apply them at JCFC. Let's see what God's Word says about religious people, hanging out at wells, cursing fig trees, and much more. It may surprise you. We are not your average church. Come and expect the unexpected.

We will be looking at 10 different events that happened and Jesus life and how they inspire us as a church today. Really it may change your mind about who Jesus is, and what the church really is. Jesus was a man's man. Sometimes we see him as kind of an effiminant man who spoke with a lisp, and wore a toga. Never smiling, and always somber.

Jesus really was a radical visionary who thought outside the box all the time. He made the religious crazy. He made things happen. People's lived were changed!

Check us out this weekend for easter!


Don't forget to invite your friends, neighbors and everyone you meet to service this weekend. It could be a life changing event for them!

Use the e invite to touch those email friends you have!

Going to be awesome! We will be looking at the final sermon in our series! He Conquered!

Talking about the resurrection! Which is what it is all about.

Property, buildings, and West Des Moines

Spent some time this afternoon tooling around WDM, in the Jordan Creek Area looking at property. Man is it fun and gets me stoked. We looked at lots from 10 acres to 35. Crazy.

Just for the record, some property is selling in the JC area for $7 a foot. You know that it is expensive when it is priced per foot. Man. (some 43000 feet in an acre, you do the math)

Anyways, we are looking at getting something going in the next year, and trying to get an idea of what we need and want. I have been talking with some architects about the plans of what we need to build. Hopefully in the next month or so we will have a rendering of the prelimaniry drawings. This is just the beginning stages, but we can set it out in the foyer on a stand and begin to dream.

I love to dream outloud because it is free! Lets pray together for property and know that God has a plan.

I would love to purchase 25-30+ acres to build the church and facilities on. So pray we find favor with some owners. There are some amazing pieces of ground!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cake Again

Ok let me clear up some of this cake issue. I am catching heat from everyone, because I am not sharing.

The deal is, I don't like a lot of sweet deserts, but I LOVE this cake. Seriously, I am not sharing it. You just need your own.

So here is what I have done:

You can email Lori at she will be happy to make you a cake for $20. She will even deliver it if you live within 10 miles of the Metro. I am telling you, it is the best chocolate cake you will ever eat.

Order one, really, I am not kidding.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Chocolate Cake

Take a look at this cake. You may not be able to tell in the photo, but it is Pastor Lori's homemade chocolate cake. (she has been holding out on me) But she came through last night with this awesome cake.

I have to say it is the best chocolate cake I have ever had!
Crazy good.

Go ahead and request one. It will be a staple cake in our coffee shop once we are rolling in that at the church! (maybe Drew Stinson's chicken salad too. Go by the Marketplace in Jordan Creek and try it out!)

Awesome cake.... my, my, my...

Color Change

This week Dara is helping me with my blog colors. Apparently it isnt the right colors. Since she is the color specialist in our home, I am going to let her run with it! So soon it should be better!

I am excited to see what it will look like!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Walmart Salvation

I spoke with my Dad a bit ago. He and some people from their church went to yout meeting in Kentucky this weekend. They were traveling back this afternoon when one of the guys in the church's car had a blow out.

They were in the middle of nowhere and had to leave everyone at a gas station and travel 20 minutes or so to a Walmart. While my Dad and his friend where there they got to talking to the guy at the Tire Lube Express, and they were able to lead him to Jesus.

I always say, whatever it takes to win someone to Jesus. Even if it means messing up someone else's schedule. Some of us need to have our schedules jacked a bit, and not get ruffled, but look for some Divine Appointments!

Sunday Update and Randomness

Just finished a long day. Today was one of those if it can go wrong it will kind of days. I hate waking up a bit late on Sunday. It just sets the mood wrong ya know.

Anyway, Everything still went on, and the BUZZ was pretty funny. We added some new mics, and are working on some more lighting. The actors did a great job today!

Service was great. Dara and Nate did a great job with worship today. Jeff added a nice dynamic with his singing and playing!

We had 136 today. Another record day for JCFC. I am so pumped about this week. The Passion week just pushes me beyond myself as I recall all Jesus went through. Powerful.

I challenge you to read Matthew 21-28 this week and try to put yourself in the scene as a bystander. Watch how people responded to Jesus through out the week. Think about how you would have acted. See the agony on his face, as he looks at you. Think about it. Read a chapter a day. Or read all 7 chapters everyday. Better yet.

Had a great team meeting tonight. I love to be able to laugh and be creative and plan. We have an awesome team that is ready to run for the summer! We are stoked about what is coming. WhoooHoo!