Friday, April 13, 2007

Just another day

Too many times we go through our busy days thinking just that. Well its just another day.

The reality is that it is never just another day. You have no idea the things those around you are going through and your response to the Holy Spirit moving in your life may be pivotal in their journey with God.

To many, our Super Saturdays last summer could have been just another day. But not so to Paul and Sandy May. It was the beginning of a turn around in their life, as they showed up to an event from a flyer left on their door.

They now are plugged in and letting God lead them in their life.

To some the day Morgan Dutler reached out to a co-worker and invited Sophia Toscano to this new church meeting in a theater, could have been just another day... But it was a life changing day in the life of Sophia and her boys.

Or how about when Irene from Kenya invited Ra-jeet to come to JCFC. He came and has given his life to Jesus Christ. Could have been just another day, but it wasn't.

Ra-jeet has since moved back to India. I thought he was gone forever, but he showed up Sunday for Easter. He hugged me, and told me that Jesus told him to come back and be a part of our church.

2 Corinthians 6:2b... now is the day of salvation.

Its not just another day. It very could be the day of salvation for that person next to you in line, or the gas station attendant, or that coworker you have been having lunch with for weeks.

Be responsive to what the Holy Spirit is prompting you to do and say. Remember its not the devil or something weird in your mind telling you to invite that person to church.

Don't forget this is a tag team deal. You invite and bring them to church, tag me. I preach and give the gospel, tag you. You then continue that relationship, and follow up with it.

We grow as Christ-followers, they grow, and the church grows!



Lori Eilers said...

Awesome post and an important reminder. Who doesn't love a great game of tag? :)

Unknown said...

that little bit about Ra-jeet brought a lump to my throat...India has a special place in our hearts! how true.

amain said...

I had the weirdest, and most awesome!, experience last week when I found myself doing things that I would not 'normally' do. No weird stuff. Canceling one appt, making another, shuffling the kids out of the house while laundry going. Just not 'me'. And when I got to where I was going, I found myself in a conversation that I did not expect, but as I was talking with this woman, she said, "You do not know how I needed to hear that today. Right now." And as I left, I realized THAT is the Holy Spirit at work. I felt to blessed to be a part of it!
Thanks for the encouragement Pastor Josh:)
And Lindsay, I will introduce you to Ra-jeet. He is AWESOME, and totally rocks out in worship!

joshua said...

He is awesome, but I might be spelling his name wrong. Ra-jeet if you read this leave us a post with the correct spelling!

Way to go ladies on following what God is saying to your heart!

amain said...

Ya, we are not spelling his name right. He just laughs at me when I am at the name tag table, and then writes his own name tag. I'll try to get it right this weekend:)