Friday, April 06, 2007

Thursday Night late

Getting ready to crash in a minute. I was thinking about my week though. I have been able to log some quality time with my kids and wife, sermon is almost done, (Angela has my notes for the worship guide) we have two videos for the weekend, E-news letter is emailed, constructed some props for the 10 Commands series, looked at potential property for the church, had several meetings, three new songs for the weekend including "Where the Streets Have No Name."

Over all it has been great. I am excited about our 10,000 easter egg hunt on Saturday. Then off to the big Easter service this weekend.

Most people will respond positively to an invite on Easter weekend. Go ahead. You may not know whose life will be forever changed from this encounter.

Use the e invite, forward the e news letter, call them up, call them up, and tell them what you want, just ask someone.

Isn't your salvation experience meaningful enough to push the envelope on the easiest day of the year to ask your neighbor? Lend me some sugar I am your neighbor (some of you will get that, others will just think I am up too late again.)

It is going to be off the hook this weekend. I cant wait to speak on Sunday about the resurrection.


Dara said...

really its just one new song - no one get scared!

amain said...

whew! even I, who loves to sing (as off-key as it is!) was a little intimidated about the "3" new songs:) But this is a good time to add that, Dara, you are doing an AWESOME job leading us in worship!!! Thank you SO much!!!

Unknown said...

are we going to have to start calling you Joshua3000? oh my.