Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. This is a busy week! But exciting. I keep getting email from people about how God is blessing them for tithing.

2. We had at least 10 families commit to tithing this weekend. Awesome. I know God is going to supernaturally bless them.

3. Shanna is rocking our office. She is getting all kinds of things done. Its so awesome to have her in a couple days a week now!

4. Membership 2.5 is tonight and I am pumped. We want everyone in our church to be a part of our membership classes. 1.0 is awesome, but 2.0 and 2.5 will change the way your view being a follower of Christ. If you want a deeper experience, be at the next 2.0

5. Love my wife and kids. Dara is finally feeling some better, and its nice to be able to really talk with her again. She has been out of it since Wednesday with double ear infection and step throat.

6. Moving forward with the property purchase. Lots to check out and examine, but exciting to be headed toward 10.1 acres on Ashworth and Jordan Creek Parkway. Be praying about our big Property Sunday on June 29th...

7. Got the new Need to Breathe album today! Shonda sent it via Shanna! Awesome, thanks. They are one of my favorite bands!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Money Answer Book

We offered this book to anyone who wanted it for $5 bucks this weekend. We will again have copies Sunday if you want to purchase one.

It is a scratch the surface Ramsey book, but informative.

We should have another 25 copies this weekend. They are first come first serve. You may want to buy 2, one for yourself and one for a family member.

BTW, the church isnt making any money on these, it is a deal we worked out with Family Christian Book Store. They normally sell for 12.99

Weekend Update

Sunday was great, I missed Dara being gone from service. She just helps me when she is sitting there "with me." You may not understand if your not a preacher! Pray for her, she has been sicker than I have seen her in years.

We had 172 in service, with at least 3 people giving their life to Christ. This "money" series has been awesome, we have had so far over 12 people commit or recommit their life to Christ while we have bee TALKING ABOUT MONEY! PTL

Yesterday we specifically spoke about bringing the tithe, the podcast should be up. If you have never faithfully brought the tithe, then you havent ever really lived in Gods Blessing. It truly is the next step in the life of a believer.

Remember this is the only place in Scripture, God says to Test Me. So we are as a church. Many of you took the 90 day challenge yesterday. I will extend it to you today again. Commit with 100% heart to bring a full 10% tithe to the church for the next 90 days, if your not blessed, then we will cut you a check for your money back.

What do you have to loose? A blessing?

God's blessing on 90% does way more that our trying with 100%

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Downloads from the weekend

Eternal Investments

Monthly Budget Tools

Here are the downloads I promised yesterday. Pray about what God wants you to do with His resources. How are you managing the Business?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

UFC 83

I am bummed that I am missing the fight tonight. Dara has a double ear infection and strep throat. She has been out of it since wednesday. If she was feeling better I was going to watch the fight with some buddies, but I dont want to leave her here with the kids being so sick.

So gentlemen, if your watching it, think of me.

Go GSP...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Building

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the building design we unveiled Sunday. I know that some of you werent able to see the whole thing because of where you sat. So here it is. We will also be putting it up on the website soon.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Debt Snowball video

Here is the video from the the weekend. Also I am trying to get the picture of the building and the proposed site up as well.

Proposed Building Site and Building

This weekend we revealed the site and the building JCFC hopes to use to advance the kingdom. June 29th we will be kicking off a campaign to raise the 700,000 needed to purchase the ground. we will taking a cash offering that day to raise as much money as possible for the land. We will also be taking monthly pledges. Be praying about what God would have you to give over and above your normal tithe and offering for this amazing kingdom building endeavor.

Above is a pic of the site at 7770 Ashworth. I am trying to get the architects rendering up.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Debt relief answers better than W's Stimulis check

Hey Guys here are the links I told you guys about today in service. Use these tools to help bust your debt.

I will posting the Debt Snow Ball video on Monday afternoon.

Dont forget to invite a guest to the next two weeks services. It is life transforming material. Not only financially, but we have made a very clear Gospel presentation closing each service.

Act Your Wage Small Group Discussions

Basic Quickie Budget

Monthly Cash Flow Plan

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

One Prayer

Check out this idea for June. I love Craigs kingdom mindedness! Get ready to hear some other guys speaking at JCFC in June.

AS it stands right now, I will be speaking the first Sunday, and then utilizing some of these guys for the rest of the month. It will be a totally new experience for all of us, but it will be great to see what God will speak to us through some other pastors who have a heart for the Kingdom.

For more info log onto Craigs Blog

Monday, April 07, 2008

Funniest Thing I have seen in a while

just watch this

My grandma

Just spoke with my mom, and they said my grandmas cancer is aggressive and there is nothing they can do. Surgery is too involved, and not good options. Radiation is out because she had cobalt radiation some 40 years ago. The Doc said that since they have no idea how much she had then, they dont want to try any more for fear it will cause more damage than good. And the Chemo doctor said no, since she didnt respond well to it 2 years ago with the colon cancer.

So not good odds. She wants to enjoy the summer and work in the yard, and just live.

Pray for her and my family.

Weekend Update

What a Sunday, huh? If you werent here this weekend you missed it. It was the 70's revisited for sure. During the meet and greet, the band played the Ojays Money song (the theme from the Apprentice) and I walked out in the powder blue 70 suit, and afro wig. It was great.

I then spoke about the the bondage that finances have on our life, and the freedom that come from freeing ourselves from that slavery. There are 5 time more scriptures on money and giving than prayer. 66% of the topics of the parables Jesus spoke of where about money, giving, and possessions. So I figure if Jesus spoke about it frequently we should too.

It is a very spiritual topic. The Bible is full of references to how we should handle the money.

Closed the service dealing with how each of us have a sin debt that we CANNOT pay on our own, no matter what we do, give or act like. Jesus paid it all, and at least 8 people accepted Christ or re-dedicated their life.

It was a great Sunday.

Dont miss next week, we are going to be making a huge announcement. The biggest in JCFC history.

Invite your friends TODAY, as we learn how to become financially free from some timeless Biblical principles that apply to everyone!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

MInding the Business Discussion Questions

Here are the Discussion questions from this weekend. Feel free to download and use them.

Minding the Business PDF

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Interesting week and random thoughts

I know I have been out of the loop lately. Dara left on Tuesday for Orlando with Anna Tucker our college friend for Anna's 30th., They are having a ball, and I ma keeping the home fires burning... sort of.

So far we have made it, everyone is fed and rested, dishes done, house is clean, and I have been able to make most of the normal appointments to this point.

I am stoked about tomorrows service, I love the buzz of starting a new series. Tomorrow starts "mind your own business" and I promise it will be memorable. You wont want to miss it.

There is going to be at least two major annoucnements this series. One coming next weekend.

It has been great to spend more time with my kids. They are cracking me up. Colin has said some hilarious things this weeks.