Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I am finding more and more that I am a list maker. I used to resist this notion for some odd reason. But I would often find myself telling Dara at night, right before bed, all the things I need to do the next day.

I have been making lists in my head for years, and I now have been making lists on paper since the beginning of the church. I LOVE yellow legal pads.

Personally I am not sure the anointing can happen without a yellow legal pad. :)

Seriously, there is something fantastic about making a list, prioritizing things on it and getting them done. Very freeing to mark some prominent things off the list.

It isn't rocket science, but a goal written down, some say has upwards of 70% better chance of being achieved.

Remember, this isn't about just getting things done, it is about the kingdom. For me the key is making sure the right things are done first. So often we let the good things dominate our time and not the great things.

It is the great things that make the big difference, the good things are just that, good.

Take some time this week, to make some one day goals. Write a few things down you need to get accomplished and then choose which ones are the greatest. Get them down.

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