Monday, November 05, 2007


In team meeting last night we were going over several things, and Paul Hansen (our IT guy) says this may be weird, but what if we bluetooth the sermon notes each week to everyone with a PDA, right during service.

I was shocked, and asked if we really could do it... He said Yeah No problem.

So Paul is going to be working on getting this accomplished. Be watching for it, for all you high-tech people out there!

Cool huh?


Jena said...


This is Scott Raridon. Genius!!! Do it!!!

daine said...

dude i love it. The sermon on podcast , WiFi itunes store, and now blue tooth sermon notes.
We have the e mailed newsletter down pat, but past that we are technically challenged. In Austin (silicon valley part 2) none the less.
man i miss you. If i were in DesMo i'd be there like white on rice.