Friday, May 28, 2010

Gods Perfect Timing

Last Friday I sat in my office just like today, but with a very different feeling. I was preparing to follow God's voice and direction as He had clearly spoken to me to step down as the pastor of Jordan Creek Family Church. It was the craziest but the clearest thing God has ever asked our family to do. You can read the whole story here.

Sunday I told the story of what God was doing, and announced that we were resigning with no clear direction as to what we would be doing personally in ministry next. It was a very emotional day, with lots of hugs and tears in all directions. We spent the day thinking about all the things God has done in our lives and the lives of the congregation of JCFC.

Fast Forward to Monday evening at 7PM. We are out having dinner as a family when my cell phone rang. I answered and Pastor Ed Young from Fellowship Church in Dallas Texas was on the line inviting me to join the staff there. I was in awe of God's Timing and provision, as well as honored to be asked to serve at such an amazing church.

To say that God never leaves, never forsakes us and always provides is one thing. To actually put feet to faith is another. This week, our family in reckless abandon stepped out fully trusting that somehow, someway He was going to provide for us. And He did.

I cant describe how faith building for me it is to clearly hear Gods voice (thinking this is a crazy thing to do) and then obey it. All for God to show up and have the next step ready for me to walk in. This week I understand how the faith can move mountains. Not I have just read a story about it, but I have a story about it!

I have heard several stories of faith and obedience this week from many at JCFC. I will be excited to hear what God does as you step out in faith as well. It truly has been my honor to serve the city of Des Moines since moving to DSM in December of 2004.

Gods perfect timing. He's never late, He's never early. He's always right on time.

Be with us Sunday to hear how Gods perfect timing is working already in the Life of JCFC! Our leadership team has risen to the occasion, and are excited about the solid future of JCFC! You wont want to miss it!


Carey said...

wow Josh this is awesome! my eyes are seriously tearing up... just so happy for you guys! I'm sure you guys will be blessed in this ministry and I'm sure they will be blessed just as much from both of you! love you guys...Congrats!!!

daine said...

huevos rancheros, and respect.
I am so excited, i open mouth smile every time i think about this deal.

Anonymous said...

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