Monday, April 12, 2010

Let Patience have its perfect work

Do you ever just find yourself in a Funk? Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually just like "what?"

Especially when you know God has placed visions and dreams in your heart, and you find yourself wondering when those specific things are going to "come to pass."

I love the story of David. A regular guy whom God chose to use mightily. We often think of the heroic efforts of him killing Goliath, or leading the charge for Israel, and conquering the enemey... (we do think of his giant sin with Bathsheba, but thats another post).

The reality is that we often over look how David responded to be anointed king. He was chosen to be king, but since there was already a king in place, he went right back to tending the sheep. Later once he had an army of men following him, he had a few opportunities to take things into his own hands to become king, forcing the situation and kill Saul -Twice! But didnt.

Not sure thats how I would have responded honestly. It would have been easy to rationalize that this must be what God wants since its the second time He's served Saul up to me... So now must be my time to become king, thanks God.

But David, waited patiently for Gods perfect timing in his life. He waited for Gods Divine Direction for the vision and dreams he had to "come to pass."

James speaks of patience in a great way.

But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. James 1:4

Wow, what a heady scripture when you really consider it. Perfect and complete -lacking nothing? Really? Mind blowing, if we let patience have its work in our life, we can become perfectly complete, lacking nothing.

Easy to read, easy to tell someone ELSE, but difficult to walk out.

If you wrestle with this area of your life, there are days you are in a funk. Just cloudy, as Im sure David was on occasion. But if you (me) really just hold on to what God has spoken to you, what he has played out for you in the dream theater of your soul, then patiently wait in His presence to become perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

God Im Yours. I know your still working in me, because I'm far from perfectly complete.

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