Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Miracles, Miracles

Check out this awesome Testimony of a Miracle in EM and Amy Leonard's son Mickey. We have been specifically praying for healing in lives of people at church recently. Mickey was one of them, JCFC has been praying for. She sent me this email last night!

It is with UTMOST JOY that I send this message to you all today! I just received a call back from Mickey’s tummy doctor, and she told me that we can discontinue his antacid medication (he was receiving 1 tsp twice daily), AND his pulmonologist (lung doc) told us we can cut back to one breathing treatment a day, likely to be altogether discontinued in April!!!!!!

This is the most amazing gift! This is answer to prayers from many, yourselves and the prayer team of JCFC included! I think of all the nights Alana, E.M. and I said prayers and asked God to touch little Mickey’s legs to make them strong so that he could walk…and it lead to all of this! I seriously weep as I write this! I closed the door to my office, got on my knees, and cried. I am like any other mom who wants the best for her child, and because our church family stood with us in praying for change – LIFE change, God came right into our home and made that happen. Hallelujah!!!

Thanks for sharing this awesome news with us, Amy. We will continue to pray for you and your family!


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